Practicing in the Netherlands

About Architecture in the Netherlands

The Netherlands have a strong tradition in infrastructure and building in the densely populated country. Learn more on Dutch Architecture and how to practice in the Netherlands.

Delft City Hall and Train Station

Are you interested in practicing architecture in the Netherlands?

Are you interested in practicing architecture in the Netherlands?

Have a look in the BNA publication on the profession (published 2006). You can register as an architect in Holland via Architectenregister, provided you have the right education and the register accepts this.

The Royal Insitute of British Architects provides an overview of all European countries. Download the document about the Netherlands.

Legal specialist Sarah Schoenmakers did a detailed study into the legal position of the Dutch architects. Download the study.

In case you have additional question about work experiences, visit the website of the SFA, Stichting Fonds Architectenbureaus.

Pension Fund

Pensioenfonds Architectenbureaus is the pension fund for employees working at a practice of architects (‘architectenbureau’) in the Netherlands. All the beneficiaries have the assurance of income security for old age retirement, in the event of death or occupational disability. Read more about the pension here.

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