Within the cycle of reurbanisation Dutch architects are giving new lives to buildings that have become unused. Former warehouses, power plants and infrastructural buildings are now boasting state-of-the art architecture and layers of historic identity.

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Award winning projects

Diamond Exchange, Capital C Amsterdam

Architects: ZJA

LocHal, Tilburg

Architects: Civic Architects

Revamped Thialf ice arena, Heerenveen

Architects: ZJA Zwart & Jansma Architects

Restructuring of Groeseind, Tilburg

Architects: De Zwarte Hond

Medical Psychiatric Unit

Architects: EGM Architects

Joolz, Amsterdam

Architects: Space Encounters

The Kortenaerkade, Den Haag

Architects: ZZDP Architecten

Faralda Crane Hotel, Amsterdam

Architects: IAA Architecten in collaboration with VDNDP Bouwingenieurs

Reinier de Graaf Gasthuis Hospital

Architects: EGM architecten

GasTerra Offices, Groningen

Architects: De Zwarte Hond

Community College ROC

Architects: IAA Architecten, restauratiearchitect Architectenbureau Fritz

The Nobel, Leiden

Architects: Ector Hoogstad Architecten

Jobsveem, Rotterdam

Architects: Mei architects and planners

Church Klein Westinge

Architects: Jelle de Jong Architekten

Converted farmhouse Friesland

Architects: Jelle de Jong architekten

Boiler House, Eindhoven

Architects: Diederendirrix architecten

Office IMd

Architects: Ector Hoogstad Architects

Arresthouse, Roermond

Architects: Engelman Architects

Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

Architects: Cruz y Ortiz Amsterdam BV

Cultural Center Energiehuis

Architects: TenBrasWestinga Architectuur / Interieur en Stedenbouw B.V.

McDonald’s Coolsingel 44

Architects: Mei Architects and Stedenbouwers

Kraton 230, Rotterdam

Architects: Mei architects and planners

De Hallen, Amsterdam

Architects: J. van Stigt BV Architects

The Karel Doorman, Rotterdam

Architects: Ibelings van Tilburg architecten

Villa 4.0, Naarden

Architects: Dick van Gameren Architects

Rokin Plaza, Amsterdam

Architects: ZZDP Architecten

Museum quarter ’s-Hertogenbosch

Architects: Bierman Henket architecten

Motorway A4 Delft, Schiedam

Architects: ZJA Zwarts & Jansma Architects, Bosch Slabbers Landscape Architects, A4all

BLUECITY, Rotterdam

Architects: Superuse

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