Dutch architects

Grand masters on a small plot of land

Although the Netherlands is a very small country, Dutch architecture has spread around the world. From Berlin to New York, from Beijing to Moscow: Dutch architects have left their mark.

Members of BNA left their traces in cities within the Netherlands and abroad. Many large offices have a solid international reputation, but smaller architectural agencies are also active abroad, thanks to their unique expertise.

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Innovative planning
Under the influence of Dutch history, culture and the unique topographic setting, the Netherlands is a wellspring of innovative, creative and idiosyncratic architects. Through the necessity of devising plans in the battle against water, Dutch architects have become masters in the management of water and land.

Spatial thinking
In a densely populated country like the Netherlands, space is a premium asset. Spatial planning successfully integrates buildings, public space and infrastructure and requires a great deal of care and attention. The Dutch excel in complex building assignments. Not surprisingly, Dutch architects have a reputation for creating highly efficient plans for affordable housing. No space goes to waste; every square metre is put to optimal use.

Dutch architects deliver uniquely developed plans. The planning process is characterized by a flexible and pragmatic approach. Accordingly, Dutch architects have acquired an international reputation for flexible urban Master plans and for iconic, exemplary buildings.

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