Innovative housing

Agaathhof, Groningen – Netherlands

Agaathhof is a development comprising seventeen modern, urban housing units grouped round a green, communal courtyard in the heart of Groningen. Inspired by the familiar hofjes in Groningen, the form, composition, structural detailing and use

The W.I.N.D. House – The Netherlands

Super Living – the expansion of the smart home The ‘homes of the future’, previously the stuff of fantasy exhibited only in World’s Fairs and science fiction, are increasingly becoming a reality. Automation and connectivity

De Gouverneur

De Gouverneur is an innovative home, built from WasteBasedBricks. Even though there is not much space in the city of Rotterdam, small houses like...

Kerckebosch Zeist

Kerckebosch in Zeist is a redesigned neighbourhood where living and nature come together beautifully.

Superlofts Houthavens

Superlofts is a new housing concept developed by Marc Koehler Architects creating a global network of local building cooperatives to share ideas and...

Dune house

This dune landscape inspired house is embedded in the dunes of Terschelling, a northern Dutch island. The unique interior creates the feeling of walking...

Schiecentrale 4B

Schiecentrale 4B is the final block in the redevelopment of the former Schiehaven power plant and surroundings. The combination of office space, residential units...

Het Funen

Het Funen creates an urban oasis in a former industrial zone in Amsterdam.

Naarden Villa 4.0

The almost fifty years old and unsightly bungalow had already been refurbished twice before. Dick van Gameren Architects looked past the bad technical condition...

Converted farmhouse Friesland

The conversion of a Frisian stolpboerderij (specific type of farm house) shows the great potential of this type of buildings.


The former warehouse Jobsveem on the quay of the Lloyd Pier in Rotterdam was originally a substantial industrial building. The design by Mei architects...

The Nobel

With some improvisation, the designs resulted in a plan where old and new, atmosphere and functionality, complement each other perfectly.

The Kortenaerkade

On a beautiful spot in The Hague, facing the Royal stables, there’s a new residential complex on the Kortenaerkade. A unique transformation...

Amsterdam Symphony

Working and living combined in a two tower block unity on the Zuidas in Amsterdam.

Holiday Homes De Ville Buiten

On the dutch Wadden-island Schiemonnikoog, part of a National Park, a formation of eleven villas form “De Ville Buiten”.

The Silverling in Amsterdam

The Silverling is an impressive silver giant with fifteen floors and many different social apartments for the original residents of the district.

Texel Summerhouse

On the Wadden island of Texel, Benthem Crouwel Architects designed a summerhouse that fits within the limitations of spatial planning and the protected...

Residential House IT Deventer

An austere silhouette, bright red facades and a ‘voile’ of perforated aluminum sheets. Woonhuis IT is an individualistic and sturdy building, which - with...


 In close collaboration with Natuurmonumenten (Dutch Nature Reserves), Bedaux de Brouwer Architects designed a dream home in the Oisterwijk forests for a couple that...

Villa Kogelhof

Villa Kogelhof is a modernist glass box that, leaning on a V-shaped column, ‘hovers’ above a swimming pond.

The Karel Doorman

The height, the lightness, the engineering technology with which everything has been forged together: it is all imbued with the unmistakable Rotterdam...

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