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Dutch Architects

Well-known Dutch architects include Rem Koolhaas, Herman Hertzberger, Wim Quist, Gerrit Rietveld and H.P. Berlage. Dutch architecture is widely covered by international print and online magazines. Dezeen e.g. offers selection of articles upon country. Download the list of links to periodicals issued in the Netherlands, either in Dutch or English.

The Dutch government has set up an Effective Spatial Design Action Agenda for 2017 – 2020 to work on the strength of design together. Download the information on this Action Agenda here.

Learn more on past and present Dutch architecture:

Highlights from the Lowlands
Bouwend Nederland (Building Holland) has released a video to introduce the Dutch building sector internationally. The video, in English, introduces highlights from the building industry. It shows the strong tradition in infrastructure and building in the densely populated country. Learn more about the dangers of water and wind, and how the Dutch developed protection against it. And finally, see Dutch cultural heritage, and the perspectives leading to the future.



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