Royal Institute of Dutch Architects

About BNA

BNA, the Royal Institute of Dutch Architects, is the sole professional association for Dutch architects. The goal of BNA is to stimulate the development of architecture and to support the practice of its members. Some 1000 agencies are united in our sector association.

Parkeergarage Katwijk
  • Promotes the expertise of the architect
  • Strengthens the position of Dutch architecture
  • Fosters professional development

BNA is structured as a nationwide association with an office with a staff of 20 headed by a director and a board headed by a chairman. BNA membership is open to architectural offices and architects with their own practice or employed in the private or public sector.

Decides on policies and monitors implementation through committees that consist of members who advise the Board.

Is directed by the Board and coordinates and facilitates all the institute’s units, regions, committees and working groups.

Members’ Panel:
A democratically chosen group that prepares strategic policy, controls the Board, and approves annual reports.

Geographically BNA is subdivided in three regions consisting of 20 circles each. The circles operate as a collegial platform in the direct vicinity of members. Regions provide BNA services for members, advocate architects’ interests at the local and regional levels, and represent BNA and the architects in any dealings with regional and local governments, clients, schools and partners in the building process.

Roughly two-thirds of Dutch practices are associated with the BNA through the membership of one or more of their architects. BNA membership is open to suitably qualified architects who are listed in the Dutch Architects’ Register and who can proof sufficient experience in practice.

The professional title of Architect is protected by Dutch law; only qualified persons listed in the Architects’ Register can use this title. However, neither inclusion in the register nor BNA membership is a mandatory requirement in order to exercise the profession in the Netherlands.

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