Royal Institute of Dutch Architects

About BNA

BNA, the Royal Institute of Dutch Architects, is the sole professional association for Dutch architects. The goal of BNA is to stimulate the development of architecture and to support the practice of its members. Some 1000 agencies are united in our sector association.

Parkeergarage Katwijk
  • Promotes the expertise of the architect
  • Strengthens the position of Dutch architecture
  • Fosters professional development

Architecture and the innovative, problem-solving capacity of architects can contribute significantly to tackling social and economic challenges. But the power of architecture can be exploited much more.

We believe that society benefits from the power of architecture. That is why BNA promotes architecture and the voice of architects. We are lobbying at the National Government in The Hague, but also within the EU, the provincial and municipal governments, our partners in the construction sector and civic organisations.

Often the Power of Architecture is still underestimated. BNA published a manifesto highlighting the added value of our discipline. Download this manifesto here.

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